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Volunteer Your Time

The next county-wide host week is February 23rd - March 1st at East Palmyra Christian Reformed Church.


(Choose date, time, position)

Two additional volunteer opportunities include supporting Park Presbyterian Church who will be hosting at Pultneyville Reformed Church from March 22nd - March 29th and our first week as a support church at East Palmyra CRC will be March 29th - April 5th.  Please contact us if you are interested in helping on those dates.

Volunteer Training

Volunteer training is required for all volunteers having contact with our guests.  Please contact us if you would like to volunteer and need training.

Background Check

Background checks are required for all volunteers having contact with our guests.  (Teens under 18 will not undergo background checks).

We are asking for a $10 donation to help cover the cost of the background check.  Donation may be made here with a notation for background check under special instructions.  If this will be a financial hardship, please submit the background check without the donation.  We still want you to volunteer!

Complete Background Check Here

Donate to Family Promise of Wayne County

Support the overall program.  As a non-profit run by volunteers, every support dollar counts to ensure the program's success.  Personal donations are matched dollar for dollar through 2020.  Donate here.

Foster a Pet

There will be families in our Family Promise program who have pets. Since pets won't be allowed in our host locations or at the Client Resource Center, where will they go?  It is hoped that they won't have to be given up for adoption. Our families are suffering enough without having to part with their pets too.

That's where you come in. Would you consider hosting one or more pets until their family graduates from our program? Please give this serious thought. Fostering is yet another way to volunteer service to homeless families.

For further information you can contact Terry.

Get Involved: Get Involved
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