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Volunteer Position Descriptions

Take a moment to read over general position descriptions below.
*Please note positions that directly interact with our guests will require you to complete a volunteer training session and background check.

Set Up Team

Help fill and wipe down air mattresses, and prepare rooms and supplies for our guests early on Sunday afternoon
(Great opportunity for service hours!!)


Dinner Provider

Bring a simple and healthy meal for up to 16 guests and volunteers.  Make alone or as a group!  Simply drop off the meal at the designated time.

(A different protein will be designated for each day to avoid guests receiving the same meal multiple times a week)



Greet guests when they arrive, help serve dinner, and assist guests with clean-up


Evening & Activity Hosts*

Be a presence in the building, interact and converse with our families if they choose.  Possibly host story time, help with homework, set-up a short movie, color, play games, etc.  Activities will vary based on guests' ages and family needs.  May be led by teens as long as trained/certified adults are present. (Have the teen sign up under teen activity host).
(Great opportunity for service hours!!)

Kids Drawing

Overnight Host*

Spend the night at church, ensure curfew and bedtime is adhered to, set out breakfast items, help guests cleanup, ensure guests leave on time and lights are off

(Double-high twin air beds are provided for volunteer use if desired)

Overnight hosts must be at least 21 years old.  Families are welcome to volunteer together but there must be at least 2 adults (21+) at all times.

Snuggly Teddy

On-Call Gofer

Be available to pick up a needed item and drop it off on short notice
(ex. milk ran out and needs replenishment before evening)

Supermarket Trip

Take Down Crew

Clean, deflate, and pack up air mattresses, clean up and rearrange rooms, collect laundry, pack and put away supply totes
(Great opportunity for service hours!!)

Volunteer Team

Weekend Hot Breakfast Provider

Prepare (on-site or drop off) a hot breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning as a treat for our guests



Help wash and dry bedding and towels and return them to the church prior to next scheduled host week

Washer & Dryer

Client Resource Center Angel* (Lyons, NY)

We need 1-2 people present at all times to help the Executive Director and/or our guests as needed. You may also have leisure time when you can read, catch up on emails, etc.  Shifts are 2 or more hours, between 7am and 5pm, Sunday - Saturday, year-round.

Teach a needed skill, play with kids, help organize donations, host an activity, help with homework after school or just be a presence when the director needs to step out.  Many opportunities!  Contact Lorraine, Client Resource Center Coordinator, for more information.


Other Talents/Opportunities?

What other skills or talents do you have that may be of assistance?  Let us know!

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